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Best Of: Men's Health Live #161: Fitness Trackers at CES

January 16, 201684 min
Gregg Stebben takes the show on the road to broadcast live from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to cover the latest in wearables, gadgets and gear.

Segment 1: Picking Favorites
The International Consumer Electronics Show has grown to 2.2 million square feet of show space. With so much innovative technology in one place, what's CEA representative Laura Hubbard's favorite gadget? Find out.

Segment 2: V.360? Camera
It's the camera that's got your back! Matt Gordon explains how the V.360? Camera allows you to seamlessly take 360 degree photos and videos to capture the true essence of the moment.

Segment 3: Jaw Dropping Video
What are the coolest and craziest applications Matt Gordon has seen with the V.360? Camera that takes 360 degree photos and video? From a a pedal-to-the metal trip on a Ferrari to a wind-suit jumper in Australia, Matt fills us in.

Segment 4: New for Fitbit
In the world of fitness trackers, Fitbit reigns supreme! Now, author of "Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner," Dean Karanzes has teamed up with Fitbit to test out their next generation of products including the Charge HR and Surge trackers.

Segment 5: Choosing Your Tracker
With so many fitness trackers on the market, how to you choose the best one for you? Fitbit's Tim Rosa shares key factors in selecting your perfect tracker.

Segment 6: BeamPro
You can be two places at once! Suitable Technologies has created the next great device in telecommuting that allows users to interact remotely. We learn more about BeamPro.

Segment 7: Native Marketing
There's so much to see at CES that Gregg has brought on reinforcements! Co-Founder of Giant Spoon, John Haber sounds off on how he looks at this years innovations through the lens of a marketer.

Segment 8: Smart Startups
CES has grown by 10% this year with a new pavilion at the Sands Hotel and Casino featuring wearables, fitness trackers, home automation and robotics. Jason Haber shares his favorite innovations.

Segment 9: Autonomous Cars
The self driving car is destined for our roadways within the next decade. We're talking with John Haber about the advertising opportunities possible with self driving cars.

Segment 10: Better Music, Better Fitness
How do you enhance your jog, bike ride, or ski run? Jaybird aims to take your active experience to the next level with their secure-fit, sweat-proof, wireless earbuds and fitness trackers. Rene Oehlerking tells us how.

Segment 11: Bluebud X Headphones
Focusing on the Jaybird Bluebud X Bluetooth headphones, Rene Oehlerking explains why the audio quality rivals wired earbuds while offering comfort that's second to none.

Segment 12: Jaybird Reign
Jaybird Chief Marketing Officer Rene Oehlerking says that measuring heart rate alone isn't good enough. That's why the new fitness tracker, Reign, measures heart rate variability. Find out how this dynamic shift could change the way you think about measuring your fitness goals.

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