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Men's Health Live #150: Barbecue, Fear, and Testosterone

October 31, 201584 min
What is your greatest fear? Is it becoming less of a man or going broke? Or maybe it's bad barbecue. We explore low testosterone, conquer food science, and learn all about great barbecue this week on Men's Health Live.
Segment 1: Chew More Local Food
Want to eat healthier food? Men's Health Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), says you should first get to know your local farmers. Here's what you should know about community supported agriculture (or CSA) .
Segment 2: Killer Hot Dogs
Do hot dogs, bacon, and red meat cause cancer? The World Health Organization released a report recently that says yes, but Men's Health Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), says no! Listen to hear why.
Segment 3: Vote for Best BBQ
After going back to school for BBQ, Men's Health Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), is now a real, live, certified BBQ judge. What has Paul learned while earning his BBQ-judge certification? Find out!
Segment 4: Judging Jack Daniels
Direct from the "Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue Competition," MH Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), files this bite-by-bite report on one of the world's greatest pork-filled events.
Segment 5: Zen of Jack Daniels
As a newly anointed BBQ judge, MH Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), learned to critique "what's in the box, not what you expect to be in the box." Paul shares how this unexpected experience from the home of Jack Daniels (@JackDaniels_US) has changed his perspective on eating.
Segment 6: Stay Calm and Eat Meat
Will eating hot dogs, bacon and other delicious meats really give us cancer? Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita) sounds off on the reasons why the recent World Health Organization report about meat only tells one side of the story.
Segment 7: Power Dressing
Craft your image like a brand, says MH Fashion Director, Brian Boye (@brianboye). He explains how style influences how you feel and look and what you can do to have a great fashion sense with little effort.
Segment 8: Fat Ass, Fat Jeans
Have a uniform that suits you and your body! MH's Fashion Director, Brian Boye (@brianboye), offers up smart advice for feeling good about the clothes you wear and making your signature look stand the test of time.
Segment 9: Are You a Chicken?
What are you afraid of? MH writer K. Aleisha Fetters (@kafetters) talks about some of men's strangest and strongest fears. Then, she offers tips on how to outsmart these demons.
Segment 10: Got Wood? (NSFW)
What makes you aroused? Is it a beautiful woman, man, or chocolate cake? Men's Health writer K. Aleisha Fetters fills us in on the process our brain and genitals go through when we see something sexually exciting and how to jump start the process when things just aren't working the way we want them to.
Segment 11: The Man Diet
Our belly fat is making you less of a man, says MH writer Paul John Scott. He talks testosterone, what it does for us, and what could be causing men's testosterone levels to drop 20% over the last few decades.
Segment 12: You Man Enough?
What does your testosterone level mean? And what is an acceptable level, if such a thing even exists? MH writer Paul John Scott sounds off on the subjective nature of testosterone levels and even different treatments for "low T."

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