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Men's Health Live #152 : Sex, Cancer, and Fighting Holiday Weight Gain

November 14, 201584 min
The holidays are upon us, and so is the looming threat of adding more pounds to the waist line! Learn how to combat the urge to over-stuff your face this holiday season, keep away cancer, bolster excitement in the bedroom, and avoid becoming "that annoying guy"!
Segment 1: Holiday Over-Eating
Take control of your holiday diet before your holiday over-eating takes control of you! Gregg Stebben and Men's Health Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), urge us to emerge on January 2 thinner than we are today. Hint: Learn how to cook!
Segment 2: Lose Weight By Cooking?
Your greatest ally in the fight against packing on pounds is your ability to cook for yourself. Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), fills us in on the huge nutritional and caloric benefits of cooking our own meals and skipping the drive-thru window.
Segment 3: Don't Eat Crappy Meals
Cooking a healthy meal versus a meal full of processed junk doesn't have to take a long time. Food and Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita (@Paul_Kita), tells us how it's done.
Segment 4: Rev Your Sex Drive
Don't let low libido (yours or hers) ruin your relationship. Women's Health Senior Editor, Faye Brennan (@FayeBrennanNYC), tells the story of a woman with a lost sex drive who participated in the clinical trials for "Addyi," the little pink pill.
Segment 5: Talk About Sex
How can we, as men, bring up a lack of sex to our partners without creating stress in our relationships? Faye Brennan (@FayeBrennanNYC) from Women's Health Magazine offers tips for how to talk your partner about this very delicate topic.
Segment 6: She Wants More Sex
For women who lose interest in sex, help may be on the way in the little pink pill" or Addyi. One woman, whose story was chronicled by Women's Health, noticed a full-fledged return of her sex drive. Faye Brennan (@FayeBrennanNYC) gives us the details.
Segment 7: Cancer Rates Are Rising
Cancer rates are on the rise, so what steps can we take to avoid the disease? Men's Health writer Julie Stewart (@StewartJulie) talks about her article "How to Fight Back Against Cancer," and gives us great advice to reduce our cancer risk.
Segment 8: Weight Loss = Cancer?
Sudden, unintended weight loss might seem like a blessing, but it could actually be a warning sign of cancer. Julie Stewart (@StewartJulie) offers warning signs of deadly disease.
Segment 9: Skin Cancer Selfie
Can taking selfies of your suspicious moles save your life? Men's Health writer Julie Stewart (@StewartJulie) stresses that using a smartphone to diagnose skin cancer is no substitute for a visit to the doctor, but it can provided important information. Here's how!
Segment 10: "Annoying Guy" Syndrome
Are you that annoying guy? Men's Health writer Steve Calechman points out all the things you might be saying that make you "That Annoying Guy," and he also offers tips on how to stop being irritating and how to turn your annoying life around.
Segment 11: Don't Be A Loser
You aren't one of the players on your favorite sports team (so stop saying "we"), and bacon is NOT the answer to everything. We continue our discussion with Steve Calechman on the most annoying things you shouldn't say.
Segment 12: See A Doctor, Stupid!
Men's Health Editor, Peter Moore (@MHPeterMoore), talks about the common reasons men avoid seeing the doctor. Then, he reminds us how stupid these reasons are.

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