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Men's Health Live #155: Seafood, Hygiene, and Self-Efficiency

December 7, 201585 min
How skanky is your toothbrush, are you eating mutant food, , and do you know how to buy the best seafood? We've got an oral fixation this week on MH Live!
Segment 1: Is Your Fish Foul?
Is the seafood you eat healthy for you AND the environment? We talk with Carrie Brownstein from Whole Foods about good and bad fish farming, and why proper aquafarming techniques are important for your health and the earth.
Segment 2: Best Ocean Eating
When it comes to seafood, what does "sustainability" really mean?? Whole Foods Global Quality Standards Coordinator for Seafood, Carrie Brownstein breaks it down for us.
Segment 3: Fish Shopping Guide
Farm fish, line fish, red fish, blue fish! Knowing how to pick the best seafood when standing at the fish counter is tricky, if you want to avoid unseen additives like dye, antibiotics, preservatives or anti-parasitics. Carrie Brownstein from Whole Foods gives us her best fish-shopping tips.
Segment 4: Down on the Aquafarm
The motion of the ocean keeps fish healthy, but how does that work in an aquafarm? Carrie Brownstein from Whole Foods sounds off on best farming practices, healthiest fish options, the Seafood Watch Mobile App, and more.
Segment 5: Mutant Food!
SciFi-esque mutant-food combos are all the rage, and MH Editor Lila Battis is on the case to dish on calorie counts and health consequences when it comes to eating new mutant foods like the Taco Bell Bacon Waffle Taco, the Sonic Peanut Butter and Bacon Shake, and lots more.
Segment 6: Food Porn!
What's your craziest culinary concoction? MH Editor Lila Battis describes extreme fast food combinations with shocking calorie counts.
Segment 7: Do Everything Faster
From winning at Monopoly to cooling down post-workout, MH Editor Mike Darling has pro-tips to do everything better and faster.
Segment 8: Quicker Picker Upper
Get annoying and stressful tasks done quicker! In this segment, MH Editor Mike Darling teaches us how to clean up after a holiday bash.
Segment 9: 30 Second Posture Fix
Your desk job is doing serious damage to your body. Men's Health Sports Medicine Advisor Bill Hartman offers behavior modification strategies that can make a big impact in as little as 30 seconds.
Segment 10: How Moral Are You?
Could you live 100% morally? MH Writer Robert Sanchez committed to obey all laws (local, state, federal, moral, religious, etc.) 100% for 30 days...and man, was it tough!
Segment 11: Your Skanky Toothbrush
Question: What do you willingly put in your mouth everyday that's teaming with bacteria and mold? Answer: Your toothbrush! Find out what to do about it, from MH Editor Melissa Romero.
Segment 12: The Season 2B Selfish
Did Ebenezer Scrooge have it right? Peter Moore has the key to happiness this holiday season: be selfish. Listen to find out more, you selfish bas#*rd!

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