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Men's Health Live #156: Life, Death, Sex and Taxes

December 12, 201584 min
We cover celebrating the holidays after losing a loved one, find out if your sexual behavior is "normal" and more.
Segment 1: Seasonal Reflections
On December 20, 1996, Peter Moore's father went out for his daily jog and died. MH Editor, Eric Spitznagel shares a very similar life experience that leads us to question, what is it like to celebrate the holidays after a loved one passes?
Segment 2: Joy to the World?
Are you under pressure to be jolly during holidays? Reality may have you feeling on edge, depressed, even filled with dread. We discuss the emotional roller coaster ride inherent with this time of year.
Segment 3: Fit Fathers
As a father, what can you do this holiday season to make sure that you are around for many years to come? From New Year's resolutions to scheduling a check-up with your doctor, we discuss simple steps to having a happy, healthy life.
Segment 4: Christmas Statistic
Don't be a Christmas statistic! Make sure you live a long and joyful life that your kids can be proud of. We discuss life expectancy, near death experiences, and why you should make the most of your holiday celebrations.
Segment 5: Today's Musicals
Want to rip your hair out when listening to Frozen's title track, "Let It Go", or sob over the sad tune, "All Alone in the World" from animated classic, Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol. We love, loathe, and learn from the musical accompaniment of animated films.
Segment 6: Give A Shirt
NFL Hall of Famel wide receiver, Jerry Rice fills us in on Van Heusen's Give a Shirt Program that helps under-privileged kids dress for success when applying for a job. Want to help out? Hashtag #GIVEASHIRT on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and Van Heusen will donate a new shirt to Career Gear!
Segment 7: Sandbag Workout
You don't have to go to the gym when you want a great work out. Ultimate Sandbag Training CEO, Josh Henkin has developed a revolutionary training system to maximize your "farm-boy strength."
Segment 8: Imperfection Training
Even if you're a gym rat, one of the most dangerous things you could do to your back is bend over to pick up a bag of groceries out of the trunk of your car. Using unstable implements while training can make your body more efficient. Ultimate Sandbag Training CEO, Josh Henkin tells us more.
Segment 9: Risky Business
How does financial struggle impact your sex life? MH Sex Bulletins Editor, Laura Tedesco discusses financial libido killers, and risks that increase your sex appeal.
Segment 10: Are you a perv?
Kinsey Institute sex researcher and educator, Dr. Debby Herbenick says in most cases, you're perfectly "normal."
Segment 11: Sex Fantasies
Have you ever fantasized about a co-worker and done some social networking super sleuthing or found yourself turned on by the voice of your GPS? Dr. Debby Herbenick discusses where to draw the line between fantasy and real life. Plus, The GPS Girl, Karen Jacobsen makes a special guest appearance.
Segment 12: No Tip?
How much should you tip service workers at the end of the year? Peter Moore sounds off on the awkward social question plaguing many of us.

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