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Men's Health Live #157: Sexuality, Heroism, and the Office

December 19, 201585 min
Explore your wild side, shop for your dog, and stay away from the hookah bar! Also, find out how certain exercises can improve the female orgasm and more.
Segment 1: Do You Have a Fetish?
And is it normal?: MH editor Andrew Daniels talks about 5 weird fetishes that are more normal than you think, such as a foot fetish, voyeurism, and bondage.
Segment 2: Fan-friendly Pro Teams
They treat you well: Derrick Hall, President and CEO of the Arizona Diamondbacks, talks about why the franchise has often been named the most fan-friendly team in sports. Hall shares how his beginnings as an intern for a minor league team helped him craft a "minor league mentality" experience for his major league fans.
Segment 3: Shopping for a Dog
What to look for: A veterinary expert says buying a dog is like buying a computer or a car -- you need to do your homework. He recommends that you always look for a breeder that does genetic testing to screen for health disorders, and he talks about a few things shelters can do to help you find out about the history of a mutt.
Segment 4: Plan Meals for Muscle
Power up with protein: MH nutrition advisor Alan Aragon, M.S. shares his nutrition tips for building muscle. He says you should focus on your total daily protein requirement, and he offers an easy way to figure out how much protein you need in a day.
Segment 5: Saved Them from a Fire
Would you do it?: Aniel Wade talks about how he ran into a burning home to save a family trapped inside. Wade says he had no knowledge of firefighting, and talks about how he knew he had to do it even though it meant risking his own life, because it was the right thing to do.
Segment 6: Hookah Misconceptions
It's not safe: A health expert says going to a hookah lounge is no safer than smoking a cigarette. In fact, she says research shows that hookah is actually worse for you than cigarettes because of high levels of pollutants and carbon monoxide in the lounges.
Segment 7: Coregasmic
Have a coregasm! Author of "The Coregasm Workout" Dr. Debby Herbenick shares the core exercises that will enhance female arousal and boost orgasms.
Segment 8: O-Face
We learn more about the magical, mythical female orgasm with our favorite sexpert, Dr. Debby Herbenick.
Segment 9: #MakeSexNormal
Sex is a part of life, so why is it taboo to bring it up outside of the cozy confines of the bedroom? Dr. Debby Herbenick is on a mission to #MakeSexNormal through open communication and education.
Segment 10: Office Etiquette
Do you have a co-worker that doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom? Author of "REPLY ALL... and Other Ways to Tank Your Career: A Guide to Workplace Etiquette (Quick & Dirty Tips)" Richie Frieman explains how to navigate awkward office problems.
Segment 11: The $10K Mistake
Manners count! Find out what body language and bad habits could be tanking your career with etiquette expert Richie Frieman.
Segment 12: Skin Cancer Warning Signs
Peter Moore has been looking in the mirror a lot lately, and he doesn't like what he sees. Peter has a pre-cancerous growth, and you might too.

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