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Businesses Shy Away from Presidential Conventions

July 14, 20167 min
While CEOs and business executives have taken advantage of previous presidential conventions to get some quality face time with politicians, many of them have decided to stay home this year.
Some of the country's biggest corporations, like Target and Hewlett Packard, won't be donating to Republicans in Cleveland or Democrats in Philadelphia this year. Companies like Apple and Coca-Cola are also not participating.
It's not just big business. As of Friday, many Wall Street executives who attended the 2012 Tampa convention hadn't announced plans to attend next week's Republican Convention. Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase are reportedly staying away from Philadelphia too.
Neither party is required to release their donor list until 60 days after the conventions.
This week on Money Talking, host Charlie Herman talks with Fredreka Schouten of USA Today and Ben White of Politico about why some business leaders are choosing to sit the convention out, and how it could affect fundraising for Republicans and Democrats.

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