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Death, Taxes and Cyberattacks: They're Here to Stay

March 12, 20157 min
Target was just the beginning. The FBI cyber crime division finds hackers are getting stronger and more sophisticated. Attacks on a string of big retailers like Home Depot, J.P. Morgan and last month, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, mean millions of unsuspecting consumers could have their data on hackers' "to-defraud" lists.
But real danger also lurks in the places that don't make big news: small and mid-sized businesses. They're places that don't have the staying power (or resources) that Target does.
This week on Money Talking, companies are beginning to protect both their digital operations and their pocketbooks. But while this new world of cyber insurance may protect businesses from financial losses, host Charlie Herman learns it may not do much for consumers. Guest Adam Levin, the chairman and co-founder, breaks down what cyber insurance means for customers.

Chat About Death, Taxes and Cyberattacks: They're Here to Stay

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