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Look Who's Talking! Wall Street Reflects on the Financial Crisis

March 19, 20157 min
More than six years after the financial crisis, Wall Street CEOs are reflecting on what happened.
But only some of them.
In his latest article for Vanity Fair, William D. Cohan reports on where the executives at the center of the financial crisis have ended up.
Many who kept their jobs through the crisis discussed their thoughts about September 2008; what’s changed since then; and in some cases, how they appreciate what the federal government and taxpayers did for them.
One them was Vikram Pandit, CEO of Citigroup until 2012. “He actually was quite open and candid and was also extremely appreciative of the bailout Citigroup got,” said Cohan.
But those who lost their jobs because of the crisis and still walked away with millions in payouts weren’t so willing to speak.
“They don’t want to be called out on in the media,” Cohan said. “They want to pretend that it’s all in the past and they can be left alone to spend their millions.”
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