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Obamacare Faces New Hurdles

August 18, 20167 min
Obamacare seems to be in trouble again — but this time it's not because another legal challenge is before the Supreme Court or Republicans in Congress are voting to repeal it. Aetna, one of the nation’s largest healthcare companies, announced this week it's going to dramatically cut back its participation in the law because it's costing the company too much money.
The Obama administration may have seen this decision coming. Wednesday, the Huffington Post reported Aetna had threatened to stop offering insurance through Obamacare if the Justice Department blocked its plan to merge with health insurer Humana — which it did in July. 
If Aetna follows through, thousands of people who currently have health care will to have to scramble to find coverage next year. 
This week on Money Talking, Jonathan Cohn of the Huffington Post and Tami Luhby of CNNMoney discuss whether Aetna's move means real trouble for one of President's biggest legacies, or if the Affordable Care Act is merely suffering growing pains.  

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