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Stop Trying To Tell the Fed's Future

September 10, 20157 min
For years since the financial crisis, one question has loomed large in the minds of investors, analysts, economists and politicians: When will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates?
The suspense may not keep everyone up at night, but a rise in the federal funds rate from nearly zero would be a sign that the economy has recovered since the financial crisis. So for months now, there's been a lot of over-thinking about the comments made by members of the Federal Reserve Board, trying to determine when, oh when, the interest rate will rise.
The latest prediction in the economic crystal ball: possibly next Thursday afternoon after a meeting of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee.
Money Talking host Charlie Herman asks Allison Schrager from Quartz and Myles Udland from Business Insider what's at stake and, if the media hubbub is worth your attention.

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