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The Gender Pay Gap: It's Still a Thing

June 2, 20167 min
As graduation season nears its end, hundreds of thousands of women preparing to join the workforce could be in for a lifetime of making less money than their male counterparts.
It’s an issue companies and individuals have been grappling with for years — yet the problem persists in both low-paying and white collar jobs, regardless of education level and skill.
A 2015 Bloomberg Businessweek report found women graduating with business MBA's earn slightly less than men with the same degrees ($98,000 a year compared to a man's $105,000). And the gap widened with every passing year.
A recent Wall Street Journal survey of 446 major occupations, from housekeepers to farmers to chief executives, found women earned less in 439 of them. Women in the most elite positions fared the worst. 
This week on Money Talking, host Charlie Herman discusses why the country’s gender pay gap prevails with the Wall Street Journal's Janet Adamy, who coauthored the recent gender pay gap report, and New York Magazine's Dayna Evans.

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