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Theranos Tested

April 21, 20167 min
Elizabeth Holmes had a billion-dollar idea — make getting blood tests more comfortable and less expensive.
Holmes raised billions of dollars for her startup, Theranos. But the company has come under fire for regulatory issues.
Reports from the Wall Street Journal uncovered discrepancies, and a report this week announced that federal prosecutors are investigating the company.
In an interview with NBC's Today show this week, Holmes said she was "devastated" that she couldn't fix her company's issues sooner.
"I’m the founder and CEO of this company," she said. "Anything that happens in this company is my responsibility at the end of the day."
Silicon Valley is known for companies that disrupt the market with a great idea, resulting in self-made billionaires, like Holmes. Uber has made billions of dollars in the taxi industry, just as Airbnb has done with hotels. So what happens when that big idea falls through, and to make matters even more serious, the oversight effects human lives?
This week on Money Talking John Carreyrou, who has been breaking the Theranos story for the Wall Street Journal, and Sheelah Kolhatkar, who has interviewed and written about Holmes for Bloomberg Businessweek, weigh in on what the latest developments mean for Holmes, Theranos and Silicon Valley at large.

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