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While Trump Takes on Trade, Automation Goes Ignored

January 26, 20177 min
President Donald Trump is taking aim at what he considers the culprits of the nation's disappearing jobs: international trade agreements and fleeing U.S. companies. This week, Trump signed a memo withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and met with the CEO's of companies like General Motors and Whirlpool to discuss keeping jobs stateside.
But technology, not globalization, may be having a bigger effect on the workforce. A recent McKinsey Global Institute report found over half of job activities are susceptible to automation. (That’s not actual jobs, but what people do at their jobs: like data processing or product assembly.)
This week on Money Talking, host Charlie Herman discusses how new technologies are changing the workforce, and what's being done about it, with Claire Cain Miller, a reporter with “The Upshot” for the New York Times.

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