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Medical Update - Tim H Mills

March 22, 201516 min
Unexpectedly at the first of November 2014, Tim was hospitalized for an infection in a toe on his right foot. This resulted in an immediate amputation at the University of Kentucky Good Samaritan Hospital and later a subsequent removal of his metatarsal bone in that foot at the University of Tennessee Hospital.

The medical issues were complicated but also very straight forward at the beginning. What followed was a series of complications that included infections from multiple sources attacking his system all at once, blood issues which included a transfusion, diabetic challenges, kidney issues, arthritic flair ups attacking ankles, heels, knees, arms and shoulders to share a few of the medical complications he has faced and continues to face.

After 51 days of hospitalization in February Tim was transferred from the University of Tennessee Hospital to a nursing home & rehabilitation center near his parents home in Arjay, Ky. He is continuing to battle for quality of life and he h

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