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Avoid Over-Indulgence this Holiday Season

December 9, 20159 min
"Festive food is always fattening." -Carol AltThe holidays present an opportunity to over-indulge.Holiday parties are a big part of the problem. As Carol Alt puts it, "Festive food is always fattening."Carol suggests eating a snack or small meal before heading out to the party, even something small like raw cheese and flaxseed crackers can give you that "base" so you don't immediately reach for the fatty, salty options. Another big issue in terms of over-indulgence is alcohol.When you get to the party, don't hit the hard stuff first. Start on seltzer with cranberry and lime (or orange and lime), and don't have an alcohol beverage until you have had two of those. If you haven't eaten before you get to the venue and start drinking right off the bat, your inhibitions are lowered and you might end up pigging out.Listen in as Carol shares some of her top picks for holiday snacks and dishes, as well as other tricks she uses to prevent over-indulgence.

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