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Beyond Procrastination: Stop Postponing Your Life

November 11, 20159 min
Can greater productivity, increased confidence, and a more balanced life be attainable in three simple steps?For almost a decade, life coach Dr. Renate Reimann has moved people from stuck to done. In her latest book, she shares her proprietary Beyond Procrastination™ Program... an easy and effective path to greater productivity, increased confidence and a more balanced life.This simple three-step method is extremely flexible and can be tailored to anybody’s procrastination issue. First, you identify reasons for getting stuck. Procrastination is information. If your'e not doing something, it's for a reason.Next, learn techniques that address your hot spots. The last step is dedicated to implementing positive new behaviors for the long-term.Dr. Reimann’s success lies in her focus on unresolved internal or external conflicts that cause procrastination rather than on personality deficits. Instead of wasting energy on self-blame, she directs all resources toward solving very specific procrastination challenges.Listen in as Dr. Reimann joins Naturally Savvy hosts, Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis, to share more about this three-step program, as well as tips you can implement right away to stop the procrastination of your life.

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