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Carol Alt: Cure Your Constipation

July 13, 20169 min
Constipation can be unbearably uncomfortable. Try natural solutions instead of hitting the pharmacy. Constipation can be unbearably uncomfortable. Instead of turning to OTC solutions, Carol Alt suggests using food and nutrients to address symptoms. For instance, raw fats lubricate your system and help move foods through the intestine. Probiotics are also very important. Those healthy bacteria are crucial for healthy digestion.Another tip is to not drink water while you're eating, because it dilutes important enzymes that are beneficial for digestive health. You can also supplement with digestive enzymes if you're not a fan of a raw diet.Other digestive issues, such as heartburn or GERD, can disrupt digestion if you're treating those symptoms with acid blockers.Listen in as Carol joins host Lisa Davis to share her tips for curing your constipation. 

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