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Create Lean & Clean Meals with Purees

August 31, 20169 min
Learn how you can use nutrient-dense purees to create leaner, cleaner yet ridiculously tasty meals.When the New York Times bestselling book Sneaky Chef took off, author Missy Chase Lapine knew parents were finally getting their kids to eat healthy with hidden veggie purees (aka Blends). What surprised her, though, was that those same parents were using Blends in their own recipes and feeling more energized. Taking her cue from those parents, Missy is on a mission with her new book, Sneaky Blends, to show how anyone can eat healthy without sacrificing taste.Starting off with fifteen signature Base Blends, such as Butternut Squash-Apple, Black Bean-Blueberry-Baby Kale, and Carrot-Sweet Potato, Missy explains how these nutrient-packed blends can kick start your healthy lifestyle.Listen in as Missy joins Andrea and Lisa to discuss her new book, as well as some tips for getting started with the Blends.

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