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Creating a No-Tox Home

July 20, 20169 min
Your environment can be the dictator of you being sick or being well.We are under a constant barrage of chemicals.These chemicals are now being connected to more and more health disorders and diseases. Approximately 50 percent of the population carries the MTHFR gene mutation, making it even harder to eliminate toxins from their bodies. These individuals are more sensitive to toxins and hit "overload" sooner. Your body can only take in a certain amount. Once you go over that limit, your body suffers significantly.Amy Ziff and her children carry this gene mutation, which is one of the reasons she is such an advocate for creating a "no-tox" home.Your environment can be the dictator of you being sick or being well. Removing toxins from your environment can help you keep your body and cells strong enough to keep you well.Beauty and personal care products, cleaning solutions, furniture and floor coverings that may contain flame retardants are all culprits.Amy shares these tips for battling the toxins in your home:

Wet mop your floors
Use a HEPA vacuum
Use fragrance-free products
Create DIY cleaning products
Create a no-shoe zone
Open your windows for at least 10 minutes a day

Amy also suggests turning to the website as a resource. This organization is America's first non-toxic certification program.Listen in to learn more from Amy about creating a healthy, no-tox home.

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