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Full Moon Holistic Healing

June 15, 20169 min
Discover the power of the moon in helping you heal.Shelly Burton, founder of the Samhara System of Energy Medicine™, holds the philosophy of involution, which is evolution from the inside out. This principle allowed her to heal a serious concussion, which had left her debilitated and extremely sensitive to emotions, over an eight-year trek. The journey led to a grounding in what it takes to heal yourself in mind, body and soul. From this, a practice supporting others to do the same, over time, was birthed.One of the healing modalities Shelly uses is that of full moon holistic healing, through her foundation, Rhythm of Change™ (ROC). ROC hosts a series of rhythmical gatherings, which are designed to align you to the soul imprint of your work here, on this plane.The mediums used in the events are ceremonial and tribal drumming, an ancient form of healing dance, hands on healing, transmission of ancient wisdom and sound, and meditative earth music. These gatherings typically align with moon cycles, so that you are deepening your alignment to the flow of the current of the tides that move us at a planetary and cellular level.Shelly joins host Lisa Davis to explain more about what she does as an energy healer, as well as how you can shift your energy to a more positive, productive space.

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