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Healing Power of Gardening

August 17, 20169 min
Boulder Crest Retreat, a wellness center for veterans, provides healing through gardening and other activities.Boulder Crest Retreat is the nation's first privately-funded rural wellness center dedicated exclusively to our nation's combat veterans and their families. The organization is committed to improving the physical, emotional, spiritual and economic well-being of this remarkable community of heroes, and ensuring they have the opportunity to succeed in their new mission -- a life of passion, purpose and service -- here at home.One of the ways Boulder Crest provides healing is through gardening.Veterans and their family members are able to walk the grounds, get their hands dirty, pick fresh produce, or even just reflect and meditate.For some families, this is the first time they've been able to pick food fresh from the garden. All cabins are equipped with a kitchen so they can cook what they've just harvested. There is also a chef on staff who is able to help with questions, recipe ideas, etc. The retreat has had people come from as far as Hawaii and Alaska. Other independent organizations often donate frequent flier miles. There are also a variety of activities available, including kayaking, fly fishing, equine therapy, trail walking, horticulture therapy, and a rock wall for those who are physically able. The community has been incredibly supportive of the mission of Boulder Crest. 

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