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Holistic Cancer Treatments for Pets

August 19, 20159 min
Herbs, supplements, acupuncture, and vitamin injections can undercut the side effects of chemotherapy on pet patients.You might not think about pets having to go through cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation, but it's often quite common.As is the case in humans, these treatments can leave a pet exposed to long recovery times, gastrointestinal irritation, immune suppression, and sometimes life-threatening illnesses.To help support the treatment process, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, provides holistic treatment for pet patients going through a cancer ordeal.Dr. Mahaney's own dog, Cardiff, was diagnosed with cancer and he utilized herbs, supplements, acupuncture, fluid therapy, Chinese medicine, energy therapy, and vitamin/mineral injections to undercut the side effects of chemotherapy.Herbs and supplements aren't capable of killing the cancer, but they can help promote the overall health of the animal.Listen in as Dr. Mahaney discusses the way holistic and alternative medicine can help supplement traditional cancer treatments in pets, as well as specific examples that he's used with Cardiff and his other patients.

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