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How to Be an Empowered Young Woman

June 8, 20169 min
In a chaotic world, where airbrushed perfection is beauty, can you find your true beauty?Do you remember your first kiss? Your first heartbreak? Your first bra? The first time your best friend betrayed you? Beautiful: Being an Empowered Young Woman peels back the truth behind becoming a woman in a chaotic world where airbrushed perfection is beauty... when, in reality, beauty is who you are.This revolutionary book offers strategies to help young women cope with contemporary issues, like body image, the media, relationships, competition, sex and peer pressure. It explores the way adolescents see and talk about themselves, and answers the big questions young women are afraid to ask.Author Naomi Katz offers truths about conquering adolescence and cultivating a unique sense of self. Weaving together narratives of real teens, Katz, a teacher who has worked with young women all over the globe, provides inspiration for growing girls looking for guidance in an increasingly complicated world.

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