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Love Incorporated: Listening to Your Heart

June 15, 20169 min
Have you ever been torn between what your head is telling you and what your heart desires?Have you ever been torn between what your head is telling you and what your heart desires?The "practical" voice in her head can be very convincing. But, the compelling voice in your heart may be calling you to your true path.Jennifer Noel Taylor graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Philosophy. After graduation, she started her first job as a Software Engineer at a big company in San Diego.But, she wasn't completely happy. She decided to make a change. Jennifer describes her journey of transformation from feeling depressed and unfulfilled at her job to discovering and following her true life mission. She quit her secure, high-paying job as a software developer and took a leap of faith to pursue her true calling in the field of energy medicine.The journey was not always easy. She encountered many challenges, including heartbreaking losses, financial woes, debt, naysayers, questionable decisions, and extreme self-doubt. Years of frustration, trial and error, and self-reflection kept leading her back to the same core lessons over and over again. In her book, Love Incorporated: Doing the Business of What You Love, Jennifer reveals four powerful yet simple insights which were instrumental in helping her overcome significant challenges and create a joyful life doing what she loves.The book acts as a guide to connecting with your innate wisdom and creating a truly magical and fulfilling life. You don’t need to sacrifice your passion, joy, values, or integrity to have an abundant life. Doing what you love is actually instrumental in creating true success.Jennifer joins host Lisa Davis to share her journey, both before and after she decided to follow her heart.

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