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Manscaping: Best Organic & Natural Skincare for Guys

August 3, 20169 min
Manscaping has reached a whole new level.Manscaping has reached a whole new level. Gone are the days of guys using one simple bar of soap to fulfill their cleansing needs. Turning to respected products isn't about being "feminine" or metrosexual. Rather, it's about using quality skincare and avoiding toxins and chemicals. Lisa Beres, Certified Green Building Professional, joins host Andrea Donsky to share her top picks for high-quality, natural men's skincare products.

Dew Puff: pure plant fiber sponge for gentle daily skin care and exfoliation
Taun: anti-aging cream specifically designed for me.
Eminence Organic Skin Care: natural, organic ingredients. USDA Certified Organic. 
Jeffrey James Botanicals: organic actives, organic botanicals and beautifying minerals all handpicked and hand crafted to deliver stunning results.
Pur Attitude: EWG verified.

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