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This Season's Dynamic Duo: Tumeric & Magnesium

August 26, 20159 min
The nutrients of turmeric and magnesium collectively help create a healthy response to both stress and inflammation.The world of nutrition has come to this conclusion: it's not about living long, it's about living well.Nutritionists and the public are now at a place where we're understanding that it's not about eating a specific food or one "magic" ingredient, but eating well is about helping the body promote healthy responses.For too long, stress has been demonized, as has inflammation. "You have to get rid of stress!" "Inflammation will kill you!'Ultimately, you'll never stop stress or inflammation; and the truth is, you wouldn't want to. Your body needs some of both to function optimally. What you should aim for is to counter-balance them and promote healthy responses. According to Registered Dietitian, Ashley Koff, the nutrients of turmeric and magnesium collectively help create that healthy response to both stress and inflammation.  Magnesium is so critical today because so much of today's food has the magnesium processed out of it. For instance, when you go from a shaft of wheat to a processed, piece of white bread, the finished product is missing up to 80 percent of its magnesium. There are still foods that contain magnesium and haven't been processed to death. Hemp seeds and hemp hearts are an excellent option, as are leafy greens, vegetables and oats and other whole grains. In supplement form, the kind of magnesium you take is important. Magnesium oxide is not going to be absorbed by your body as well, especially when you're stressed and your absorption abilities are already compromised. Magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate are better options, and Koff prefers both in powdered form. Your calcium and magnesium should be at least a one-to-one ratio (sometimes less calcium if you suffer from headaches or constipation).In addition to stress relief, magnesium is also helpful for muscular pain, PMS symptoms, and helping you sleep. Turmeric also helps create a healthy response to inflammation. In terms of supplements, look for the whole turmeric root, rather than simply an extract.  Listen in as Koff joins Andrea and Lisa to share more about the dynamic duo powers of turmeric and magnesium, as well as which specific kinds of each you should look for.

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