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Toxic Shower Curtains & Healthy Alternatives

March 30, 20169 min
Is your shower curtain slowly killing you?Most conventional shower curtains are made of vinyl (PVC). Unfortunately, no other plastic releases as many and as dangerous of chemicals as vinyl.The chemicals can affect your respiratory system, liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. They even have a cancer connection.One study found that these shower curtains release up to 108 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. These chemicals can still linger in the air up to 28 days after being unwrapped and hung. Not only are you breathing in these toxins, but they're also getting into the pores of your skin. Lisa Beres, Certified Green Building Professional, joins Andrea and Lisa to share some healthy alternatives to vinyl shower curtains.

Hemp: Naturally resistant to mildew and bacteria. Machine wash. No liner needed.
Linen (organic): May be used with or without a liner. 
Organic cotton
PEVA (or EVA): Non-chloride plastic. Better alternative to vinyl but still affordable.

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