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9 Things We Learned About Phones From a Teenager (Reprise)

September 1, 201519 min
Classrooms in 2015 are full of gadgets, apps and devices that their teachers (let alone parents), did not grow up using themselves. Kids learning on these tools will most likely be using different technology when they're grown up. In the meantime, every click, swipe, grade, and decision feeds into a giant pool of data that will end up... yeah, who knows where.
So adults have a steep learning curve when it comes to kids in the digital age. The best way to start understanding what's happening? Talk with them.
To that end, we're revisiting a conversation from earlier this year that kicked off a series on education and technology. Meet 16-year-old Grace, who shared nine lessons about being a teenager with a smartphone. 
If you've ever known — or been! — a teenager, you should take a listen.
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Chat About 9 Things We Learned About Phones From a Teenager (Reprise)

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