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Bored and Brilliant: BOOT CAMP 2016

June 28, 201616 min
Bored and Brilliant is back.
This time, with a special announcement: The Bored and Brilliant book is coming in 2017!!! Manoush is spending a ton of time sorting through your feedback, listening to your experiences and getting super bored in order to make this book exceptionally useful.
So, now it's time for a summer refresher. Last year, tens of thousands of you took part in our Bored and Brilliant Project, a week of challenges that pushed us to rethink our relationship with our phones and jumpstart our creativity.
We adapted the idea into a short, condensed version with three very doable, modifiable challenges for those of you on a beach (or stuck at the office wishing you were on a beach).
This is not a digital detox. This is not an edict to lock your phone away in a drawer. This is not an ode to mindfulness. It is a way to apply what we know about constant notifications, neuroscience, and productivity to our lives. Right now.
Listen above for the boot camp!
And for those of you who want all of the challenges at once, here's the full, extended series:
The Case for Boredom
What 95 Minutes of Phone Time a Day Does To Us
Challenge 1: In Your Pocket
Challenge 2: Photo Free
Challenge 3: Delete That App
Challenge 4: Fauxcation
Challenge 5: Small Observation
Challenge 6: Dream House
The Winning Dream Houses
The Results
The Personal Stories
One final note: Tomorrow we're very excited to drop a preview episode of our upcoming series about work/life balance. So do us a favor — subscribe on iTunes and tell a friend. We've been working on this project for two years, and can't wait to share it with you.
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