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So Your Facebook Friend Said Something Racist. Again.

November 24, 201521 min
A few weeks ago, we did an episode on how to get a better range of perspectives in your digital life. BuzzFeed's Tracy Clayton and Katie Notopoulos said the metric for success is to build a feed that's "10 percent infuriating." A lot of you had really strong reactions, and there was a theme: you wanted to know what to do when the opinions you're seeing online are so different from your own that they border on offensive or even bigoted. 
At this tense moment of protests on college campuses, shootings in the Midwest and beyond, and violence in cities across the world, we've decided that the time is ripe to revisit our episode from last December called “Your Facebook Friend Said Something Racist. Now What?” 
It will help you navigate a particularly infuriating Facebook feed – or maybe just the Thanksgiving table:

"LARA" is a system promoted by the National Council for Community Justice
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