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Dan Teck - 'Manifest Anything in Three Easy Steps'

October 22, 201355 min
Do you wish there was a magic formula that would propel you into your dream life? Bestselling author and Law of Attraction Master Practitioner Dan Teck is here to reveal "The Magic Formula"-a simple yet powerful 3-step process that has helped thousands of people reach their dreams-while loving the life they already have! Whether you want to achieve specific goals (such as writing a book, making more money, or improving your physical health) or just want to experience deeper joy and contentment in your entire life, The Magic Formula can help you get where you want to go-and enjoy the journey! If you're ready to feel joy now, reach your goals, and start living your dream-life, please join Dan and Karen for this lively, practical, and magical discussion. You already have the dreams. Come discover The Magic Formula for making them come true!

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