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Return to the Mystic with Dr. Alexander Riegel

January 21, 201455 min
Dr. Alexander Riegel studies and teaches on mysticism and the contemplative traditions. Primarily, grounded in Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Sufism, Dr. Riegel's message is that the essential spiritual truths discovered by mystical figures long ago, e.g. the Hindu and Buddhist yogis, Jesus, and various Sufi figures, remain valid and unchanged. He tells us that by returning to the mystic, we come to understand that the Hindu yogis’ realization of our essential nature; the Buddha's insight into the nature of the mind; Jesus’ teaching of the sacred dimension of all creation - here and now; and the Sufi emphasis on the heart as the primary means of spiritual experience (not to mention the insights and teachings of spiritual figures from traditions such as Judaism and Taoism.) All of it can be the foundation for walking an authentic interspiritual path. Dr. Riegel says, "These insights and teachings have not been surpassed, and more than anything else, the world desperately needs to rediscover them. Indeed, we all need to return to the mystic." We will also touch upon Dr. Riegel's love of mystic poetry, which he performs to live music and uses for workshops and online teaching to help further people's spiritual journeys.

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