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2/28/17 - Hour 1

March 1, 201747 min
President Trump has announced his plans for military budget increases. The question now is whether the alleged increase of $54 Billion is an actual increase or just an increase over previously stated projections.

Yes, it’s true; we do have a military budget greater than the rest of the world combined. We also have the most freedom at stake due to our commitment to defend all NATO members. Stu says he would like more research and development of advanced weapons systems, and Pat reiterates his point that cutting waste is okay even if cutting military spending as a whole is not.

Trump also graded his first weeks in office and gave himself some good grades. The president gave himself an A-plus for effort, an A for results, and a C-plus grade for messaging (communication). As a whole, the guys agree with his self-assessment.

Speaking of results, Trump has taken heat for not filling hundreds of government jobs. The fact is, he does not want to fill those jobs in order to cut back on government bureaucracy. The figure is very notable, as 516 positions are going unfilled, but the guys agree that such action is not the problem, it’s the communication of his intent. Perhaps he needs a social media platform that accepts more than 140 characters.

Shrinking the power of the federal government is what we want. Stu reiterates his point that the Department of Education should not exist. 80 percent of Americans (estimated) agree that members of Congress should have term limits in place. Will Trump be the president to force this issue to a vote?

The balloon on Stu’s ceiling is still up there. It has been 37 days and it has not moved an inch. And to top it all off, we find out that he got said balloon for FREE!!!!! Don’t get excited for a live webcam, though, as Stu has decided that a camera filming the inside of his house 24/7 is something he probably doesn’t want.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has proposed legislation that would re-name the street in front of the Russian embassy in Washington “Boris Nemtsov Plaza” to remind the diplomats every day of the Russian opposition leader who was murdered in Moscow in 2015, presumably by the Kremlin. The guys agree that it probably isn’t the best idea in the world to antagonize Russia in this manner.

Ron Reagan, the liberal son of the famous conservative president, has appeared in a new commercial that makes him look like a special kind of douche. He recently appeared in an ad for the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” in which he described himself as an “unabashed atheist” standing up for the separation of church and state. Pat explains that the First Amendment protects religion from government, not the other way around.

A Calgary, Alberta couple has been convicted of first-degree murder after their diabetic son was found practically mummified due to neglect because they did not listen to the boy’s doctors due to their devout religious beliefs. Pat tells his own story of trying to find the right care for his own family and describes what a fine line it is between religious beliefs and societal requirements.

It’s Fat Tuesday, and what a great day it is to celebrate Jeffy!

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