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2/28/17 - Hour 2

March 1, 201747 min
Elon Musk’s Space X will take two paying customers to the moon as soon as next year. The passengers will orbit the moon (not land on it) for an undisclosed fee ranging from $80 Million to $300 Million. Hilarity ensues as Pat and Stu try to pry the right figure out of Jeffy and Stu insists that they create their own space company to send Jeffy to the moon. They’ll do that by strapping dynamite to him, but we digress.

Pat despises the fact that the space shuttle program has been shut down and Elon Musk is now relying on a primarily Russian space organization to run his “Space Uber” business. That said, everyone on set agrees that they would pay the fee to orbit the moon if they had the money to spare.

If a self-driving car causes an accident, who is at fault? A new law in the UK says that the passengers within the self-driving car they own will not be held liable for an accident. Does this mean that Tesla will get sued every time one of its self-driving cars? The guys discuss what the future might hold.

Speaking of the future, just how accurate were the fantasized images of the year 2000 from the early 1900s and 1950s. Some images more or less had the right idea, while we could only dream about the possibilities in others.

Glenn Beck’s ‘Think Tank’ is discussing whether or not the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is still relevant. In the eyes of some, it used to be a conservative unit they could go to to share their values. Now it has become the “Conservative Spring Break” and fallen victim to “careerism,” as young conservatives seek to carve their niche within the party. Four distinct groups of conservatives are named over the course of the discussion:

-The Ever-Trumpers
-The Conservative Trump Critics
-The Safe Space Conservatives
-The Never Trumpers

The time has finally arrived! The guys are discussing Pigeon-Gate! In short, Richard Nixon’s inaugural committee spent $13,000 to coat trees along his inaugural parade route with chemicals to deter dirty pigeons from landing. Instead, the birds ate the chemicals and died in such massive quantities that the parade route was littered with dead and dying pigeons. Poor Nixon…

The German magazine Der Spiegel recently interviewed renowned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and had some very interesting phrasing to describe his apparel and eating habits…

The guys eat new Carrot Cake Hershey’s Kisses in honor of the color of our new president! This edition of SPOONS has low expectations, but the candy actually gets solid reviews from all three of the guys.

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