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FULL: "Breads ain't cheap anymore"

January 23, 201791 min
-Eight years in the making, the opportunity has finally come! The guys finally have realized their chance to induct Barack Obama into the Douche Hall of Fame! But will they get their wish? Will Obama even come close to getting unanimously voted into Hall?

-Stu loves his Eagles. Pat loves his Packers. Keith loves his Falcons. That's all you need to know as the guys discuss the NFL's conference championship games and look ahead to Super Bowl LI.

-The Women’s March made headlines around the world, but what exactly does this event of solidarity represent. What are the end goals in play here? Could this anti-Trump rhetoric actually have a negative effect on the causes these women champion? Stu thinks we should let Trump do something before we decry him.

-Sean Spicer made his debut as White House Press Secretary, and things did not go well. Pat and Stu dissect the long string of lies that the Trump White House put forth and issue a stern warning as to what it might mean for the future.

-What promises has Barack Obama kept? What grey area exists for some of those promises? The guys highlight a failed attempt to boost the nation's struggling schools and decide there must be a much deeper issue to be addressed.

-Richard Spencer got his lights punched out! Alex Jones went on yet another drunken tirade! Both succeeded in stirring the pot on a huge news weekend from coast to coast.

-Was ESPN Tennis Commentator, Doug Adler, wrongfully terminated for describing Venus Williams' play like that of a "guerrilla?"
NOTE: He did not say "gorilla."

-Newsflash: You’re using the drawer under your oven wrong. Also, explaining non-kids movies to a five-year old is difficult.

-No show would be complete without the latest edition of SPOONS! Today, the guys are munching on Caramel Popcorn Cap'n Crunch.

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