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FULL: "Did she really jump?" - 2/7/17

February 7, 201792 min
-In case you haven't noticed, Stu was at the Super Bowl on Sunday in Houston. The dynamic trio dissect the Falcons' second half collapse and tell you what the team's probability to win was as each major event of the half occurred.

-Apparently there are no calories in a thin-crust pizza... Either way, Stu is probably going to have trouble ordering one. Hilarity ensues as he us tells his phone order horror story.

-Kansas talk show host-turned congressional candidate Joseph Ashby joins the program to discuss his campaign to win Rep. Mike Pompeo's now-vacated seat. Why does he value personality over performance in the campaign, and how does he intend to stand up to big government policies in Washington?

-Just how real was Lady Gaga's dramatic leap at the Super Bowl? Probably not very. The initial shot was most likely filmed someplace far away from Houston. Alas, it was still pretty cool.

-Jeffy tells us where Super Bowl LI ranks among the most-watched television shows of all time. He'll also tell you how this year's halftime show ranks in terms of viewers.

-Pat, Stu, and Jeffy examine the history of Super Bowl halftime shows and see just how they have evolved over the past 51 years. In their opinion, the event was nothing until 1991. Previously, few if any big names in music performed during halftime. The guys certainly give the Grambling State marching band their fair share of credit for their performances in the Super Bowl's early years.

-Glenn Beck joins the program with his latest "Think Tank," in which he dissects Donald Trump's executive order on immigration. In short, Trump cannot stop a visa from being obtained, but he can stop one from being utilized. Going further, the courts have no power to deny the enforcement of Trump's order.

-Glenn asks additional tough questions, such as: What can Melania do to save her husband’s image? What does the alt-right have to do with conservatism? What is the surest way to start an autocracy?

-Katie Couric raised some eyebrows with her latest stance on gender identity and child development. Can a fetus actually think? She seems to imply that it can. Pat thinks, "Hmm, if it can think, it probably shouldn't be aborted..."

-No one would be surprised if Jeffy felt like a woman. Also, no one would care.

-The guys take a peek inside Amazon's latest development, a new robotic grocery store with no checkout lines. Walk in, grab your items, and walk out! It can bill you for each item automatically. How long until we can get one on every block?!

-It's the most anticipated edition of SPOONS! in quite a while. The guys try Taco Bell's new Naked Chicken Chalupa, a taco with a shell made completely out of fried chicken. The verdict: it is way better than the KFC Double-Down.

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