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February 15, 201792 min
-Michael Flynn, who resigned as Donald Trump's National Security Adviser on Monday, admitted that he was not truthful about what he said in phone calls with the Russian ambassador. This begs the question: what are conservatives currently resisting?

-Pat and Stu are here to remind people that Flynn was a democrat, so there is no reason to toe the party line; and that it was Donald Trump that said Flynn had too many problems, so his supporters should NOT be up in arms.

-We've got Donald Trump in the White House, so why not Kid Rock in the Senate? The music icon, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, might just be the man to claim the senate seat currently occupied by Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow. The guys ponder whether he could hold on to his libertarian ideals in the Senate.

-A Pakistani court has ruled that all public celebrations of Valentine’s Day should be henceforth prohibited because such actions are against Islamic teaching. The guys dissect this line of thought and tell their own stories from the holiday.

-Tennis commentator, Doug Adler, who was fired by ESPN for using the phrase "guerrilla tactics" to describe Venus Williams' play has taken the sports media giant to court on charges of wrongful termination. The guys applaud his actions.

-Pat caught Jeff looking at Playboy for “work-related purposes,” so Jeffy tells us all the good news: Playboy is going back to having full nudes in the magazine! The guys "explain" why Hugh Hefner and his crew failed to make their publication more wholesome and have since reverted to what previously worked.

-Doc Thompson, host of The Morning Blaze, joins the program to promote The Snowflake Awards (or "The Flakies"), a project he put together along with Tomi Lahren to serve an an antithesis to the Oscars. This show will mock Hollywood's biggest stars at the same exact time they'll be receiving their Academy Awards on Feb. 26th. Tune in to find out how you can decide the "winners" and follow the main event when it all goes down.

-The guys analyze the record of Andy Puzder, the CEO of CKE restaurants and Donald Trump's nominee for Labor Secretary. Will Senate Republicans go along with the President and confirm a man that, in Pat's eyes, has a very liberal record on immigration and low-paying jobs?

-The Cubans have pioneered flying pizzas! Sort of. A Cuba pizza shop has begun lowering pizzas in a basket from their rooftop kitchen down to street level. It's a really cool system, but it still is not flying pizza. Basically, the dumbwaiter has made its triumphant return.

-Moby, the renowned artist in the world of music, claims to have confidential information on Donald Trump' administration. Some of the "facts" he has "leaked" include:

-The Russian dossier on Trump is real; he is being blackmailed by the Kremlin
-The Trump Administration needs a war (preferably with Iran)
-The GOP and the Koch Brothers are planning to get rid of Trump
-Intelligence agencies are horrified by the incompetence of the administration and want heads to roll

-The guys eat Chips Ahoy! brownie cookies in the latest edition of SPOONS! They don’t really want to eat brownies and cookies together, but they just don't have the time otherwise.

-Will San Francisco's Millennium Tower survive? The building is sinking by two inches per year and its list is now visible from space.

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