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FULL: Leaving The Westboro Behind - 3/9/17

March 9, 201792 min
-Yet another prediction made by Pat Gray has come true in this administration. The guys also talk about how border crossings by illegal immigrants have gone down since President Trump has taken office as well as how the media backed Trump into a corner during the primaries and how he used their actions against them.-A new study by border agencies show that the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border has gone down by 40% since Donald Trump has taken office. The guys discuss the reasons for the decrease and talk about how much it costs for some people to be smuggled into the US by "coyotes" and how they could use that money to better themselves in their home countries.-The guys talk about how blind allegiance is bad and we end up finding out that Pat Gray is a part of the famous Tay Tay Squad. Let's be honest; who isn't?-According to Stu's son, doughnuts are not treats. They're only meant to be eaten for breakfast and nothing else.... he is way smarter than Stu.-Healthcare has been a topic since Woodrow Wilson's time in the early 1900's. But, in our panel's opinion, Americans did not want universal coverage until the modern day Democrats decided to ignore the American people's wishes and create Obamacare.-The guys listen to a speech by Westboro Baptist Church defector Megan Phelps Roper as she tells her story about why she left the group.-The guys are angry with the producers of the new Star Wars film because they released new footage of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' but only for the executives of the movie.-Pat and Stu talk about opioids and other drug addictions that are becoming a huge epidemic across the United States and have already caused a few states to declare a state of emergency.-President Trump has been nominated for Noble Peace Prize. For what, you might ask. The guys are here to tell you.-Radiation from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear facility is starting to show signs of affecting wildlife in the area. Radioactive pigs and fish are starting to take over. That can on mean one thing... Godzilla could become real!!!-The guys talk about "Mike and the Mad Dog" from New York and how ESPN is making a new 30 for 30 documentary about them and the show.-The guys are freaked out by a guy who is playing on a ledge of a building, because who decides to play on the side of a skyscraper and try not to fall to their death?-A new NYU research study, in which they reverse gender roles from the 2016 election, shows that people liked the woman who played Donald Trump rather than the man who played Hilary Clinton, thus disproving their hypothesis that the election was gender biases. Pat was unaffected by this because he was not a fan of either candidate.-The guys talk about the cake that Donald Trump had at his victory party after the election. He is not the first president to do something like this, as President William H. Taft had two massive pies made (the second of which required an armed escort).-Hurts Doughnuts is today's subject of SPOONS! and the guys were not all that impressed with the doughnuts. The decoration just did not add much to the flavor of the doughnut itself. Listen to Pat & Stu for FREE on TheBlaze Radio Network from 5p-7p ET, Mon. through Fri. @PatandStuFacebook: PatandStu

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