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FULL: 'Morally' against education??? - 2/9/17

February 9, 201791 min
-The guys are happy about President Trump announcing his new tax package, which he calls "phenomenal." However, the guys are curious about what phenomenal means when it comes to our taxes. Stu says Trump’s words and interviews have been “controlled" because, previously, he wasn't being recorded for everything that he was saying.

-The guys wonder if Melania Trump knows English better than Donald Tump? Stu thinks that Trump is thinking of what to say next instead of speaking the rest of whatever sentence he is in the middle of.

-Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch criticized President Trump's tweet that explained his dislike of a "so-called judge." What the tweet really referred to was Donald Trump's thoughts about the judge's bad call when it came to the ban.

Did politics play apart in the judge’s decision and does criticizing a judge breach the separate powers in the constitution? The guys say no, unless President Trump decides to step over the Supreme Court anyway.

-Stu thinks that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to do half of his job when it comes to work versus negotiations and business. The guys think that President Trump should have known more about the New Start Treaty from his briefings.

The guys talk about a private school principal in Manhattan who sent out a letter to the parents of students stating that Donald Trump's presidency is "more troubling" than the Vietnam War, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Watergate, and 9/11 combined.

-A woman in Buffalo New York is angry that her children was taken from her by child protective services, even though she submitted the correct paperwork to allow her children to be home schooled. Jeff is barely okay with Government coming and checking to see if your child is being educated properly, while Pat is not ok with that policy.

A new study of European Anti-Fascist protest shows that 92% lives with Mommy, 84% are male, 72% are 18-30, 64% are single, and 36% unemployed. Jeff ask what to with humans in the future? Do we put them on a space ship and send them off somewhere? Stu thinks that more along the lines of the Matrix. Today February 9th is National Pizza Day and the guys wonder WHERE IS THE PIZZA?!?!

-Blaze news writer Tre Goins-Phillips joins the program to tell the story of Christian music artist Audrey Assad, the daughter of a refugee who fled Syria to escape oppression as a Christian. The guys continue to talk about how immigrants have had a huge impact on America’s history. Is ISIS the real reason why the US won’t accept Syrian refugees? Pat wants to stop all immigration from the Middle East, but is torn with what is going on in the world right now.

-Glenn Beck joins the program with 'The Vault' in which he talks about how, during the Civil War, a black sailor lead his crew to escape from the Confederacy and join the Union forces. Robert Smalls was given a commission in the Union army upon turning over a rebel ship to President Abraham Lincoln, and at this moment, his story really begins.

The guys talk about Netflix's new series “Dear White People.” The guys are confused about the premise of the show and talk about the dumb costumes that the show claims are okay for white people to dress up in. Known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is brought up and the guys discuss how his theories fit into a remix of the ‘Ducktales' theme song. Pat asks if "chemtrails" is still a thing? Jeff says yes! Stu talks about how much of a conspiracy theorist Jeff is and apparently he’s a pretty big one.

Jeff surprises Stu with a cake for his 41st birthday in the latest edition of SPOONS! The trailer for Matt Damon's new movie 'Great Wall’ is reviewed and correlations are made between the movie and Trump's presidency. Stu thinks it may be targeted for Chinese audience and not the US.

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