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FULL: Pat vs. Glenn - 3/6/17

March 6, 201793 min
-Two of our favorite hosts, Pat and Glenn, had an argument today about tolerance and religion in schools. It turns out that Glenn is the more tolerant of the two right now, but that still leaves the question of who won the argument.

-President Trump has requested that Congress investigate the Obama administration over alleged abuses of power stemming from the alleged wiretapping of Trump Tower. He broke the news through a tweet in which he called the supposed actions "McCarthyism". Pat informs listeners that there were actually some positive aspects of McCarthyism.

-Jeffy gets the guys discussing the hit TLC reality show "My 600-lb Life" and will make a lot of single listeners sad by revealing that most if not all of the people on this show are in serious relationships. Every fat person has to have his enabler, I guess.

-O.J. Simpson could receive parole this year after being behind bars since 2008 as a result of his armed robbery conviction. Pat explains how he has always wanted O.J. to be innocent since he was such a big fan of his during his career, and that it is about time he was released.

-Hollywood is bracing for another major strike among its writers. The guys are unsure how big of an impact this should have due to the prevalence of unscripted reality shows. The discussion continues with answers to some of entertainment's biggest questions, like:

Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger leaving The Celebrity Apprentice?
Where has workout guru Richard Simmons been for the last 1000 days?

-How worried are Hispanic children about deportation? That is uncertain, but we know exactly how Pat Gray feels about illegal immigration. He does not want to pay for the education of children of undocumented Mexicans, Ecuadorians, and Irish. It's really pretty simple.

-The guys try new Birthday Cake flavored Oreos in the latest edition of SPOONS! The question is, what is the difference between these and regular Golden Oreos?

-Glenn Beck and David Barton join the program with the latest edition of ‘The Vault,’ in which they discuss Chief Justice John Marshall and his thoughts on Native Americans as well as President Zachary Taylor's glasses and chair.

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