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FULL: President Trump's First - 2/16/17

February 16, 201793 min
-The guys talk about how a new California law referred to as "yes means yes" explains what is classified as consensual and non-consensual sex. They define the terms of what constitutes rape and shed some light on the double standard in regards to men that are raped by women.

-The guys talk about how a student was suspended for a full semester for recording his professor's rant about how "electing Donald Trump is like an act of terrorism." They blast the University for its actions and assess the state of American education. Pat laments the fact that his sons are even hearing things like this at their school, which is itself a very conservative institution.

-Stu brings up how Rand Paul walked out of a meeting on the repeal of Obamacare and reiterates that it is not going as fast as he would like. Stu maintains that keeping parts of the law and adding additional aspects does not solve the problem. Pat makes a statement on the Republican Party and how these actions could be detrimental to the future of the GOP.

-Would you get married a Taco Bell in Las Vegas? We didn't think so...

-Pat and Stu talk about how scientists are spending money on trying to refreeze the Arctic... Yes you read that correctly. Scientists are trying to refreeze the earth's ice caps.

-The guys discuss President Donald Trump's announcement of Alexander Acosta as his new nominee for Secretary of Labor.

-Pat tells us all about the phenomenon of "Netflix cheating" and how it is becoming a huge epidemic across America (the rate has increased from 12% to 46% among users since 2013). In short, is it okay for a spouse or significant other to jump ahead and watch the next episode in the series or a specific movie that both people want to see? Jeffy apparently has watched more movies and shows than anyone on the planet, and he admits to engaging in such "cheating" and having to cover his tracks afterwards.

-Top cheating temptations for Netflix: American Horror Story, Walking Dead, House of Cards, Black Mirror, Orange is the New Black, Narcos, Stranger Things, and Breaking Bad.

-They guys try a new flavor of Pringles that isn't exactly a potato chip, but rather a chip made from vegetables in the latest edition of SPOONS! It doesn't go over too well.

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