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FULL: So far, So good? - 1/26/17

January 26, 201790 min
-The guys discuss Radio/TV shows and how they tease upcoming stories and events during the programs. Does this make you less likely to keep listening to or watching the show? Is it the personality or the story that makes you tune in to the show?

-Democrats have taken action to take the " Nuclear Football” from Trump. Which brings up the question. Should Trump have the launch codes or should his command of the nuclear arsenal be reduced?

-President Trump freezes $221 milion payment to the Palestinians, that was approved by Obama. Mass exodus from the State Department, called the largest in American history.

-What is Kellyanne Conway’s role in Trump’s presidency? Nobody seems to know or understand what she is currently doing. However did you know that she was a stand up comic in the late 90's? Well she was not that funny.

-Brext is really happening... yes. The guys come up with different names for other countries if they decide to follow the UK and leave the European Union.

-2 Chili’s restaurants give money to Planned Parenthood and Stu still has resentment from his days working at Chili’s and why he was fired. Was it justified? We think he's still upset by it. Pat hates it when people comment on his food at the grocery and waiters who try to make conversation at the table. He also what his brother-in-law did for small talk with customer service people.

-Who really floats the bill with new tariffs? Hint: us the consumers.

-The guys talk about a Romanian Freshman living in Ohio that is 7’ 7” 190 lbs. They also said that Melt Bar and Grill should open a location in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area right now.

-Glenn Beck joins the program to tell the story of one of America's overlooked pioneers of American auto manufacturing, Preston Tucker.

-Tostitos has partnered with uber to make a chip bag take can tell you if your drunk and will help get you a ride.

-Jeff has worked a lot of food related jobs. Newsflash: HE'S FAT!
-Mars will produce the first live Super Bowl commercial in history with a western-themed Snickers ad.

- The guys discuss Star Wars and a soda debate ensues . Brand name or off brand? Also John Kerry’s wife didn’t have anything to do with Heinz Ketchup.

-Jeffy vs Brad pie face
- Results: Tied 1 to 1
-Jeffy discuss which whipped cream is better, Reddi-Whip or Cool Whip.

-Inauguration Bad Lip Reading...

Spoons!: The guys are indulging in some over-priced (but also delicious) Emporium Pies!

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