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FULL: Soda Tax Kills?

February 23, 201792 min
This morning we sadly learned that Fox News political commentator and former Hannity and Colmes co-host, Alan Colmes, has passed away. He was 66 years old. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

-Stu brings up Ellen Degeneres' statement on the latest White House statement on transgender bathroom rules and explains how he would like it to be a state matter rather than a federal issue. Pat wonders why only the feelings of the transgender individual matter during this time and how everyone else is practically excluded from the debate.

-Stu reports that the 100 protesters who refused to leave the Dakota Access Pipeline area destroyed the land they camped in. Is the protest really about the pipeline or just a chance to protest for no reason? The guys wonder how big are the spills from these pipelines? Surprisingly the statistics show that they're not really that big of a deal with a few rare exceptions.

-We have an update on the balloon currently floating on the high ceiling in Stu's house. Having floated upward during last month's baby shower for Stu's sister-in-law, it has now been up there for 34 days straight. Simply put, it doesn't look like it's coming down anytime soon.

-The guys talk about how astronomers have discovered seven new planets orbiting a distant star. These planets range in size from that of Mercury to that of Earth. Pat makes a mistake on which telescopes are used for such findings, and as you guess, Stu steps in to save him.

-Stu likes the new Philadelphia soda and sugary drinks tax because he thinks that it will convince other cities not to do it. Pat talks about a time when he lived in Montana and how people would drive to the Native American reservations to buy cigarettes because a new tax that was driving up prices.

-Stu mentions that people will go to other places to get the items that they want using the city of Irving, Texas and local liquor stores as an example.

-The guys talk about how the Mets are paying former player Bobby Bonilla, $6 million dollars because they were caught up in Bernie Madoff's infamous ponzi scheme.

-The guys talk about how Huffington Post Lifestyle journalist Jane Seo was disqualified from a half marathon because her timing chip was showing unusually fast times in the latter half of the race. It was revealed that she had indeed cheated and she has since apologized. It turns out that a man who is paid to ensure fairness in running, Jarred Rudder, was shown a photo of her at the finish line with the odd times showing on her watch.

-HOVERBIKE!!! Yes, a Russian company has built a prototype flying machine ridden by a human like a motorcycle. But is it too good to be true? Are its rotors too dangerous? Why doesn't it look like a speeder from 'Return of the Jedi'?

-Glenn Beck joins the program with his round table discussion about the signers the Declaration of Independence whom you may not have heard of.

Examples include Stephen Hopkins, who struggled with writing his name because he had either a stroke or Parkinson's disease, which was not known during that time. Another is George Wythe, the man who taught Thomas Jefferson law, later met an untimely end and inadvertently exonerated his own killer.

-The guys talk about actors and actresses who misplaced their Oscars and wonder why they should even care given their circumstances. Stu is puzzled that Whoopi Goldberg got an Oscar and she is also an E.G.O.T. (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony winner). In this bit it is also reveled that Jeffy wants to be a bathroom attendant...

-The guys eat new Blueberry Pancake Crunch cereal in the latest edition of SPOONS! Pat and Stu give it extremely high ratings while Jeffy is still unsure.

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