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FULL: Trump at his Best - 3/1/17

March 1, 201793 min
-Donald Trump’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress (which the guys think should just be called the State of the Union) went over very well. Trump talked about being a representative of the American people versus being a representative of the world and emphasized how much he values the rights of sovereign nations.

-How are Republicans reacting to the proposed stimulus, which will result in $2 Trillion in spending? House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was sitting directly behind Trump, applauded Trump’s proposal. This is the same man who ran against Barack Obama in 2012 on a Mitt Romney platform that decried spending increases such as this.

-Will repealing Obamacare result in piles of dead people on every street corner? Has the Affordable Care Act saved 700 Trillion lives? The answer to both of those questions is no. Pat and Stu examine a report published by the Manhattan Institute that determined that the ACA has not saved lives due to the fact that the percentage of insured Americans has actually declined in many areas and the fact that states which accepted Medicaid increases have actually seen a worsening of age-adjusted mortality.

-Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) has declared a state of emergency in his state due to a surge in heroin and opioid-related deaths. His state saw 1468 people die due to such overdoses between January and September of 2016, and this was not the first year with horrific numbers.

-Liberals claim that the number of men who utilize pro-transgender bathroom policies to commit perverted crimes is extremely small. Is this the case? Well, we have nine examples to prove that it is not. Some men perfectly fit the description of the kind of perverts that abuse these laws.

-Stu asks, "If people are so accepting of transgender rights in regards to bathrooms, why do they still call the cops when they spot a man in the women's room?" He also adds that we segregate restrooms based on "...what junk you have, not what you want to look at..." Pat, though, admits that this issue's debate will be a tough one for conservatives to win, much like that of gay marriage.

-U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is a bird killing machine – no, seriously. The Minnesota Vikings new stadium features over 200,000 square feet of clear glass, and hundreds of birds could be hitting the glass every day and either being killed or injured. Numerous conservation groups have raised their concerns, including one Pat used to be president of... sort of...

-Glenn Beck joins the program with another edition of 'hiSTORY', in which he contrasts the ideals of two turn-of-the-century African-American civil rights activists, W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington. Find out how their policies differed and what pushed Du Bois over the edge in his descent into radicalism. Also learn why Glenn places Washington among the ranks of Jesus and Gandhi while he places Du Bois among the ranks of Hitler and Stalin.

-A DNA test run on Subway’s oven roasted chicken has revealed that only between 42 and 53 percent of the substance contained chicken DNA. Thus, it is believed that the restaurant serves mostly soy in its chicken. Wendy's and McDonald's got decidedly better reviews, but all three restaurant chains defended their use of "100 percent real chicken." What part of the chicken that refers to is anyone's guess.

-The guys sample new Oreo Chocolate Eggs in the latest edition of SPOONS! Stu gives a low rating, Pat gives a very good review, and Jeffy... well, he goes down a different path...

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