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Pat and Stu 1/24/17 - Hour 1

January 24, 201746 min
-President Donald Trump has entered office with an approval rating of 45 percent, the lowest of any president entering office in American history. Why has the "grace period" of letting the man settle in before judging him gone away?

-Donald Trump's family portraits look like something out of a Victoria's Secret catalog, so that begs the question: does Donald really love Melania? Also, what should the consequences be for the SNL writer who tweeted that Barron Trump could be America's first home school shooter?

-What do Americans really think about the issue of abortion? Is there any right answer as to what to do about the massive number of these operations taking place each year? The guys dissect the numbers and take a stand for what they believe in.

-The golden age of the circus has passed us by, so let's turn to an elephant to give us his views. (Note: it's Jeff Fisher)

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