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Pat and Stu 1/25/17 - Hour 2

January 25, 201745 min
-Pat, Stu, and Jeff continue to dissect the latest abortion "science" and explain how ultrasounds tend to accomplish the intended goal of preventing abortions. Stu also attempts to get to the bottom of what services Planned Parenthood really provides.

-The Women’s March stood for solidarity among women, but what specific issues does it really stand for?

-Stu is on the warpath again against the blatant hypocrisy of Al Gore on the issue of climate change. His utilization of completely irrelevant data to further his points about sea level rise is just another reminder as to why he is a vaunted member of the Douche Hall of Fame

-Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner re-tweeted a tweet that implies that women who attended the march are too ugly to be sexually assaulted. He has since resigned and deleted his Twitter. Should he have had to resort to such drastic measures? The answer is no.

-The guys try another flavor of 7/11 potato chips in the latest edition of SPOONS! Spoiler alert: Hot Italian Sausage went over way better than Prime Rib.

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