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Pat and Stu 1/25/17 - Hour 1

January 25, 201746 min
-President Trump has signed an executive order to start construction of the border wall along the US-Mexico border. Pat and Stu think the issue of the border wall is win-win. If we don’t build it; we don’t spend tons of money. If we build it, we get enhanced border security.

-Trump has also initiated a temporary ban on refugees and the suspension of visas for several Middle Eastern countries.

-A U.S. Secret Service agent wrote in a Facebook post that she would not take a bullet for President Trump. Pat, Stu, and Jeff come to a consensus that she should probably be allowed to keep her job, but placed in a position that will keep her away from the President.

-Kellyanne Conway has made the claim that Trump and the media have “joint custody of the nation." Needless to say, this does not go over well on this program.

-Perhaps Trump would have preferred to win the popular vote than the electoral vote. There is no doubt that losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton is driving him crazy.

-Pat, Stu, and Jeff discuss a legendary blend of sports and entertainment: the Harlem Globetrotters and their oft-maligned opponent, the Washington/New Jersey Generals. Did the Generals ever rebel against the establishment and beat the Globetrotters? The guys have the answer and it might surprise you.

-Sean Spicer was upset that Nationals Park ran out of Vanilla Dippin’ Dots and voiced his displeasure. The company gave him a great response. He did nothing with it.

-How do we solve the abortion issue? There is no consensus opinion, but The Atlantic recently released an article on the subject that does little actual fact-reporting. The guys dissect these claims and Stu makes a great point, asking why would one push (abortion rights) to 40 weeks when four is plenty of time.

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