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Pat and Stu 1/30/17 - Hour 1

January 30, 201746 min
-Stu thanks the fans of the show for their outpouring of support after his dog, Phoebe, passed away last Thursday at the age of 16.

-Whatever Donald Trump says is the big news for the day, in fact, he had the media on a string with his tweets. Until this weekend.

-Trump has been attacked from all sides by the mainstream media for his executive order temporarily cutting off immigration from seven countries with a Muslim majority population. Kellyanne Conway did not do Trump any favors in justifying the action, but Stu and Jeffy are able to successfully wade through the bias to determine what this all means and who will be affected.

-To put it succinctly, according to Stu and Jeffy, Rudy Giuliani was telling the truth, as Trump did not find a way to enact a “Muslim ban.”
But yes, he should have thought things through better (like drafting a list of individuals who will probably be exempt beforehand).

-Just how different is Trump's new policy from the norm in regards to Syria? Because the massive explosion of refugees arriving in Obama’s last year (about 13,000) was the exception.

-Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), a member of the Douche Hall of Fame, got all teary-eyed after the order was handed down. Jeffy does an awesome (or horrible) impression. Also, perhaps the call for increased border security would have been right in line with the Democratic Party of the 1990s.

-Two California state senators are looking to expand the number of genders available for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Plus, LGBTQ has been expanded to LGBTQIA.

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