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Pat and Stu 1/31/17 - Hour 2

January 31, 201745 min
-Glenn Beck joins the program with his Think Tank, in which he debates nationalism and populism, and how the former differentiates from patriotism. He goes on to make the claim that we are used to fighting instead of listening, and this must be rectified for the good of American democracy.

-Doc Thompson, the host of 'The Morning Blaze', joins the program to discuss Donald Trump's potential nominees to the Supreme Court. Jeffy reveals that the United States was just downgraded from a full democracy to a flawed democracy.

-Stu reveals how you can (legally) get beverages through TSA security: freeze them into a solid! Of course, Jeffy is here to pick apart that idea. Stu also tells us the horror story of the resort credit he was issued while visiting the Dominican Republic.

-The guys eat another flavor of 7/11 potato chips in SPOONS! Today it's Spicy Guacamole, and the reviews are surprisingly good for two guys who don't ordinarily eat the green super food.

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